Regulatory Advocacy

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Meals on Wheels Association of Texas (MOWAT) leadership works closely with the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), the Texas Legislature and, on occasion, Congress to ensure that MOWAT:

  • Continues to be a stakeholder that has input as rules, regulations and funding that impact meals programs are being revised
  • Provides input that reflects the wishes of the member programs, regardless of program size and funding structure, and
  • Is an advocate for the member programs regarding changes to rules, regulations and funding that negatively impact meal programs.

How It Works

When an issue involving Texas Administrative Code (TAC) rules change, changes in policy, funding, etc. comes to the attention of any of the MOWAT Board Members the following process occurs:

  • RESEARCH: The Association Liaison researches the issue and seeks input from MOWAT Board Members and the MOWAT Membership, if time permits.
  • COMMUNICATION: A letter stating the MOWAT position is formulated and approved by the MOWAT Board.  Once approved, it is sent to the appropriate agency and forwarded to the entire MOWAT Membership.
  • ACTION: The Association Liaison identifies the appropriate action steps, which may include participating in a work session with the funding agency, testifying at hearings, requesting support letters from members, calling legislators, etc.

DADS and HHSC both include MOWAT as a Stakeholder when meetings of Stakeholders representing a variety of services are scheduled to get input as they consider changes.

Current Regulatory Issues

For 2018 the primary issue is to create a system that will make Meals on Wheels available to clients anywhere in the State. There are some areas of the State where there are no meal programs. MOWAT will work with DADS and HHSC to identify all the home delivery meal providers in Texas.

What Can You Do?

Let us know if you are willing to volunteer to participate in MOWAT advocacy efforts in support of positions and initiatives supported by MOWAT. Be ready to respond when we ask for support letters, calls to your local legislators, data, or client stories. If you would like to be actively engaged, please email Please indicate if you have a good working knowledge of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), other rules governing meal programs and are interested in helping review proposed changes and draft the recommendation presented by MOWAT.

Association Liasons

MOWAT 2018 liaisons are:

If you are interested in getting involved in MOWAT's advocacy efforts, please contact Jackie HammThe Kitchen, 940-322-6232 or 940-704-5465.