Member Benefits

Meals on Wheels Texas (MOWT) is a 501(c)(3) association of home-delivered and congregate meal programs for seniors and adults with disabilities in Texas. Meals on Wheels Texas, formed in 2015, promotes member networking, best practice sharing, education, pilot programs, and the distribution of scholarships and grant funds. Meals on Wheels Texas is affiliated with Meals on Wheels America, the oldest and largest national organization supporting more than 5,000 community-based senior nutrition programs across the country that are dedicated to addressing senior hunger and isolation.

MOWT member benefits:

  • Grant & Scholarship opportunities
    • $11,250 awarded in scholarships to 9 members for the annual conference in 2019
    • $41,000 awarded in Census grants to 41 members in 2020
    • $45,000 awarded for the Unserved Area Pilot to 1 member in 2020
    • $118,235.29 awarded for COVID-19 Disaster grants to 35 members in 2020
  • Connection opportunities
    • Regional meetings
    • Member discussion board
    • Committee work
    • Annual Conference- Members get a discount!
  • Learning
    • Educational webinars
    • Resource library
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Peer to peer learning
    • Conference workshops


Meals on Wheels Association of Texas logo

 Meals on Wheels Association of Texas (MOWAT) is a 501(c)(6) statewide association founded in 2004 to lead state and national legislative advocacy on issues of importance to meals-serving organizations for seniors and adults with disabilities in need of nutritional support. The Association successfully worked with state legislators to pass a bill in 2007 to develop Texans Feeding Texans, a home-delivered meal grant program that currently provides bi-annual funding administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Approximately 140 home-delivered meals programs across Texas currently receive funding through this program, and the Association has been active in providing input and guidance to TDA on the administration of the program and funds. The Association has also worked closely with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and the Texas Legislature to address rules and regulations that impact meal-serving organizations and advocate for member positions.

MOWAT Member Benefits

  • In the 86th legislative session the Meals on Wheels Association of Texas successfully advocated for an increase to the Title XX reimbursement rate and an increase in the Texans Feeding Texans program. HB1 was approved with an increase to the Title XX overall home delivered meal program of $6.8M. This will increase the compensation rate from $4.95 to $5.31. HB1 was approved increasing to the Title XX overall home delivered meal program of $6.8M. This increased the per meal compensation rate from $4.95 to $5.31.
  • The Texas Department of Agriculture Texans Feeding Texans program funding was increased by almost $2 million to bring the total to $19,724,876 for the biennium.
  • MOWAT also works closely with HHSC and TDA leadership to address issues related to regulations and policies that affect home delivered meal programs.

Why are there two organizations?

MOWT, a 501(c)3 cannot spend more than 20 percent of its budget on lobbying. Because MOWAT lobbying expenses exceed 20 percent of the MOWT budget, it maintains a 501(c)6 designation. Additionally, a 501(c)6 is not eligible for grant and foundation funding and cannot offer tax exemption for giving. MOWT maintains a 501(c)3 designation for these purposes. Programs can join Meals on Wheels Texas, Meals on Wheels Association of Texas, or both. We strongly encourage you to join both organizations as the work of each is vital to the strength of our statewide network.

Dues are based on the size of your organization’s nutrition budget.

Nutrition Budget MOWT Dues + MOWAT Dues = Total
Budget under $500,000 $90 + $125 = $215
Budget between $500,000 & $1,000,000 $150 + $250 = $400
Budget between $1- $2.4 million $275 + $500 = $775
Budget between $2.5 - $4.9 million $625 + $1,250 = $1,875
Budget greater than $5 million $1,325 + $4,500 = $5,825