Angie Dees, Program Director at Brownwood Senior Citizens Center

How did you become interested in this work?

To be quite honest, I needed a job and the hours worked well with my kids being in school. After working for a small amount of time, I fell in love with the job. I started out as a driver who delivered meals, and now I am the program director. There is nothing more heart rewarding than providing food for Senior Citizens.

What drives your passion?

My family. I strive every day to be a better person for them. They see the passion in me for the work that I do daily. Being able to give back to a generation that has done so much for us is such a blessing. When you see people, who would not have something to eat if this program didn’t exist, it creates a drive in you to find ways to help more.

Does your organization offer any programs other than home meal delivery? If so, what are they?

Yes, we do. Brownwood Senior Citizens Center not only delivers meals to more than 180 clients daily, but we also have a congregate site. There are about 120 clients who eat here at the center daily. We offer many activities for the Seniors, such as: bingo, movie day, billiards, library, exercise room, socializing, smart phone and iPad training, Easter egg hunt, and that’s just to name a few. We also work with the local Good Samaritan to deliver boxed food for clients that we deliver daily meals to. After talking with the local Good Samaritan Ministries, it became clear that many of their clients were not picking up their food anymore. A good portion of those clients had became home bound with no one to help them in picking up their monthly box of food.

What’s the biggest challenge in your work?

To be able to help all of those in need. Senior Citizens don’t just need food, they need affordable medicine, the funding for dentures, hearing aids, glasses, and repairs to their home. More than anything they just need people to care.

What’s the best advice that you have ever received?

Always be the best that you can be. Treat others how you would want them to treat your family.

Was there a client, volunteer, or poignant moment in your work that has had a great impact on you?

I delivered food on a Friday to a client when I was a delivery driver, she opened her tray and said, “if I eat this today and this tomorrow and that on Sunday, I will be ok till you get back on Monday.” That one moment in my career is what pushes me daily to find ways that we can continue to provide food for the seniors in our community.